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Affordable routine services by Breanna Hoferer, a Registered Veterinary Technician in Hampton Beach, NH & servicing the surrounding areas.

Highly rated pet services in the comfort of your own home.
a 20mi radius area around Hampton Beach NH highlighted in blue
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Mobile Vet Tech Bre provides at home pet services within 20mi of Hampton Beach, NH

a 20mi radius area around Hampton Beach NH highlighted in blue
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As a new woman owned & operated business, I need your support

a 20mi radius area around Hampton Beach NH highlighted in blue

Spoiling your fur baby is easy & more affordable than ever


My pricing is designed to be as affordable as possible for the at home services your fur babies require.
For that reason, services are CASH ONLY.

dog with long nails chewing toy

per cat or dog

This service covers nail clippings for most cats and dogs. Experienced with nervous pets.

  • I bring the supplies
  • Prevents breaks
  • Gentle & loving care
small cat wrapped in a blanket after a bath

per cat or dog

This service covers bathing most cats and dogs. Larger dogs may be priced higher.

  • I bring the supplies
  • You assist in lifting heavy dogs
  • Optional medicated baths
small dog receiving medication orally

oral or injectable

 This service covers most cats and dogs, meds prescribed by your vet.

  • Oral medication
  • Subcutaneous fluids
  • Injectable medication
a small pug faced away from the camera

per dog

This service covers anal gland expression for most dogs. Not recommended for cats. 

  • Topical Lidocaine
  • Includes evaluation
  • Ease discomfort
a basset hound with two hands holding his ears wide apart

per cat or dog

This service covers ear cleaning and topical ear med application as prescribed by your vet. 

  • You supply cleaner & medication
  • Prevent & treat infection
  • Gentle care to avoid ear damage
pug wrapped in a blanket laying on a bed

per cat or dog

This service applies to most cats and dogs, as prescribed by your vet. 

  • You provide supplies
  • Provide teaching demo
  • Results assessed by your vet
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photo of breanna hoferer RVT holding a cat in a blanket

About Me

License Information

I am a licensed Veterinary Technician who received her medical training at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. I completed my coursework and partially completed my clinical rotations for the DVM. After realizing my passion lies more in the hands on care with your beloved pets, I stepped out of the program and focused on getting my veterinary nursing license. My calling is to provide comfortable, affordable at home care to pets that become overly stressed when traveling to the vet’s office. I’m a big proponent of medical care for your pets, so when necessary I recommend they seek veterinary care by a doctor. I live in Hampton Beach, NH with my boyfriend, Shea; Boxer, Lana Del Ruff; Basset Hound, Harvey; and bearded dragon, Vhagar. I service the surrounding Seacoast area. I look forward to meeting your precious fur babies!

Thank you,
Breanna Hoferer, RVT